Buying vs Leasing a Nissan

Buying vs Leasing a Nissan

Buying vs Leasing a Nissan

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Getting a new Nissan is a huge decision. You have to test drive a ton of vehicles and go through all the different features and engine options before you ultimately put money down on the Nissan of your dreams. Another thing you need to decide on is if you’re going to buy or lease your Nissan. There are merits to going with either method, and we here at Dave Martin Nissan want to give you all the information you need so that you will make the right financial choice for you and your family. Continue reading as we go over the differences between buying and leasing your vehicle.

Benefits of Buying your Nissan

If you’re planning on driving your Nissan a lot, put it through a lot of use, or simply looking to build your equity, then buying your Nissan might be the best option. Buying your Nissan also allows you to customize your vehicle; however, you please. You also get to drive as many miles as you want without having to worry about any kinds of restrictions. If you have pets or a large family, you won’t need to worry about the wear and tear of your vehicle’s interior. Drive over gravel roads and even park in dent-prone parking lots without worrying about the exterior of your Nissan. After all, you own it! Buying your vehicle also allows you to carry lower insurance limits, but be sure to see your insurer get some actual quotes. Last but not least, buying your Nissan allows you to customize your vehicle however you wish, and you can sell, trade, or transfer your Nissan to whomever you want.

Some benefits to leasing your Nissan

Leasing is an ideal solution for those who plan on driving their Nissan 15,000 miles a year or less. Leasing is also a good option if you tend to take good care of your Nissan or drive a new model every 2-4 years. When you lease a vehicle, you can also get a larger and better-equipped Nissan than what you would purchase for the same amount. You pay only for the duration of the time you drive the Nissan, which usually means your monthly payment will be lower. Leasing your Nissan also allows you to receive certain tax benefits if you are using your Nissan for your business, though that depends on your lease, state, and tax laws. Finally, you can enjoy several end-of-lease options where you can buy the Nissan, lease another, or explore all of your options.

About SignaturePURCHASE and SignatureLEASE

Nissan wants to help you get your dream vehicle a little easier. With the SignaturePURCHASE program, you get competitive interest rates and quick credit responses, as well as terms that range from 12-72 months. This program is available for new and pre-owned Nissan’s and other pre-owned vehicles that are six years old or less. If you plan on leasing your vehicle, Nissan can help you out with that too! Nissan has a SignatureLEASE, which offers you more options than your average lease program, and the terms range from 24-60 months.

Get new and pre-owned Nissans at Dave Smith Nissan

Here at Dave Smith Nissan, we have a wide selection of new and pre-owned Nissan’s for you to see! You can either stop by our dealership or check our website for all the latest and pre-owned Rouge’s, Kick’s, Versa’s. If you find a trim you like, be sure to stop by our finance department, where we will help you figure out whether buying or leasing your Nissan is best for you! Either way, Dave Martin Nissan will help you get the best deal possible. We look forward to servicing all of your automotive needs here at Dave Smith Nissan!