Nissan Tire Service Spokane WA

Nissan Tire Service Spokane WA

Nissan Tire Service Spokane WA

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Tires are often considered one of the most important safety features on your vehicle, especially when you consider they are the only parts of the car touching the ground. The funny thing is that not all drivers take them seriously and, as a result, they are commonly underinflated, out of balance, and low on tread. Obviously, this presents safety hazards that are completely avoidable. The solution is to keep your tires “healthy” and the folks at Dave Smith Nissan recommend the following:

Keep them inflated properly

You know that tires deflate over time but did you know that up to 25% of the tires on the road today are seriously underinflated? A tire that is not fully inflated to the manufacturer’s specification will not only deliver less fuel mileage but can cause undue stress on the tire structure, causing it to wear out faster. In addition to a higher failure rate, under inflated tires can also lead to a lack of steering control, particularly in slippery weather conditions. So, keep them inflated to the proper pressure. As you likely know, this is easily done at most gas stations and convenience stores. If you are uncomfortable with that procedure, or too busy, stop by Dave Smith Nissan and our technicians will give you a hand.

What about tire rotation?

Tires are made of rubber and wear out over time. The best way to help ensure that your tires wear evenly is to move them from one spot on your car to another, in other words, “rotate” them. For example: from the front left of a vehicle to the right rear, and vice versa, is a common pattern. When tires are rotated to different wheel locations on a vehicle, they balance out the load which leads to more even tread wear. Some cars, especially front-wheel-drive vehicles, will often have accelerated wear on the front tires compared to the rear tires and periodic tire rotation is especially important.

What full wheel alignment?

You should align the wheels on your vehicle periodically. The manufacturer of your vehicle will have a recommended schedule for this and the folks at Dave Smith Nissan can advise you further. The reason for this is that normal driving subjects your vehicle to lots of stresses and strains (think potholes) and this can cause the relative alignment of your suspension to shift. When this happens, your tires may wear in irregular patterns. The solution is to visit a tire service specialist and have one of their alignment specialists take a look.

Should I inspect my tire tread periodically?

Yes, it’s a good idea to make sure your tire’s treads are not only wearing evenly but there is enough tread to provide good traction. If your tires wear down enough so they are “bald,” you have a real safety hazard on your hands. If you see your tires are wearing down significantly, it’s best to take your vehicle to a tire service specialist and ask for their opinion.

Expert tire service in Spokane, WA

Paying attention to the condition of your tires will help protect your auto investment and maintain your vehicle’s safety. The folks at Dave Smith Nissan are experts in all facets of tire maintenance and vehicle alignment.  Keep your vehicle in top performance and safety with our team. Feel free to visit our express service for us to have a look at your vehicle at your convenience.